Next Month We’re Loving… Simply The Quest

Good morning everyone! Today I’m sharing the second of this week’s, Next Month We’re Loving…, today’s post was written by Layla from Readable Life.

August is slowly creeping up on us – I feel like every year I say that it’s gone quickly. Regardless, there’s a book that I’m super excited for which means that I cannot wait for August to be here!

Simply The Quest publishes on August 3rd, and is the second instalment in Maz Evans’ hilarious series. Set in the UK, the story follows Elliot, who has a lot on his plate with caring for his sick mum, falling behind at school, and dealing with his cruel neighbour. What better way to rectify these situations by having a constellation crash in his shed? Or, better still, have the two unleash an imprisoned Daemon of death?


Maz has stirred together Greek Gods and Goddesses, British humour, and the worries of a young boy to create a brilliant concoction, resulting in one of the best pieces of MG writing I’ve read. It had me laughing out loud, getting teary at some parts, and excitement coursing through my veins at particularly tense moments.

In Simply The Quest, the story continues on from the first book. Elliot now has to find the second Chaos Stone; which will grant him the power to banish Thanatos to the Underworld. However there are more enemies trying to stop him; Nyx becomes Elliot’s worst nightmare in this book, stopping at nothing to get exactly what she wants.

There’s even a cameo from the Royal family, which will have you chuckling as you read – just imagining them sitting together to have a BBQ was a brilliant mental image! If you haven’t read the first book (Who Let The Gods Out), I would highly, highly recommend it and its sequel as a great summer 2017 read!

Simply the Quest is published in the UK by Chicken House on 3rd August

Thank you so much to Layla for sharing her post with me!

Have you been looking forward to this book? Has Layla’s post made you add in to your TBR? Let me know in the comments below!

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