Book Review – Liar by K.L. Slater

LiarTitle: Liar

Author: K.L. Slater

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication Date:  16th June 2017

Format: eBook ARC

Note: This book was received from the publisher in return for an honest review

About the book:

How far would you go to protect your family?

Single dad Ben is doing his best to raise his children alone, with the help of his devoted mother Judi. Life isn’t easy, but Judi’s family means everything to her and together, they manage.

Then Ben meets Amber. Everyone thinks this is a perfect match for Ben but Judi isn’t sure … there’s just something about Amber that doesn’t add up.

Ben can’t see why his mother dislikes his new girlfriend. And Amber doesn’t want Judi anywhere near her new family. Amber just wants Ben and the children.

The further Judi delves into Amber’s personal life, the closer she gets to shocking secrets that could change everything. And Judi must make a decision that could lead to the most disastrous consequences.

What I Thought:

Liar is the second book I’ve read from Kim this year, following Blinkyou can find my review here. Both are standalone novels but I would highly recommend Blink if you haven’t read it yet.

Ben is a single father raising his two boys alone following the death of his wife two years ago. Liar is told from the viewpoint of the two women in his life – his mother Judi, and his new partner Amber

Amber appears in Ben’s life, to him it’s a chance encounter, but it soon becomes clear that for Amber this is anything but chance, before long she’s hooked Ben but it’s clear something isn’t quite right, but just what are Amber’s true motives? I wasn’t really sure where I stood with Amber throughout the book, it was clear she had ulterior motives but I couldn’t figure out what they were and why she chose Ben

Judi on the other hand has made herself indispensable to her son since his wife’s passing, helping with childcare, housework and often making dinner for him, overbearing but harmless? She soon becomes put out when Amber becomes more influential and Ben begins to do more things without her or her approval.

Plot wise Kim certainly starts with a bang, that is at the end. It’s shocking but gives nothing away, it’s clear the two women feature in the scene, but who’s who and just what happened for them to end up like this? It certainly had me turning pages well into the night to find out just what had happened.

The multiple points of view are really successful in Liar. It keeps the plot moving quickly and enables us to learn more about both Amber and Judi and see situations from both their points of view – and then you reach that finale Kim teased you with right at the start! Wonderful!

Would I Recommend?

Liar is another wonderful thriller from Bookouture this year, well paced and full of twists Kim’s latest novel will keep you gripped right to the last page.

5 Stars

Want To Buy It?

Amazon UK Amazon US The Book Depository

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