The Sunday Post – 25/06/17


It’s been over a month since I last did a Sunday round-up and linked up with Kim over at Caffeinated Book Reviewer. I looked back at what I’d written the little general update at the beginning of my post all the way back on 21st May, I was getting ready to interview for a secondment at work, now I’ve just finished week 2 in the role, I’m beginning to find my feet more now and despite being quite unsure about it this time last month considering how much I enjoyed the job I was doing at the time I’m starting to enjoy this one too, and as it’s a temporary promotion it also means more money, I’m going to be sensible and save, and put it towards finally finishing to learn to drive, but it also means a few more pennies for bookish treats!

It’s been fantastic getting back into blogging more fully this weekend, I actually had chance to read through a lot of blogs which I haven’t had chance to do properly the past few weeks. Let me know in the comments if there’s a post you think I should read but may have missed!

On The Blog This Week

On Monday I asked for advice on places in Scotland to visit by train

On Tuesday I posted a sign up post for my round-robin. Come sign up and share your favourite book with others!

On Saturday I posted a little bit about Authors For Grenfell It’s a great initive being run by some wonderful people and authors and agents have donated some incredible items and experience to help benefit those who suffered in the horrific fire a couple of weeks ago. New things are still being added so take a look, and if you can’t afford the things you really want please still share on Twitter!


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