Authors for Grenfell Tower

No discussion post from me today, instead I wanted to take a moment to share a little about Authors For Grenfell Tower.

A wonderful group of people have worked to pull together an amazing collection of items and experiences for auction to benefit the people who have suffered as a result of the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower.

There’s a huge number of items available to bid on, there are literally hundreds of signed books available so you’re bound to find one that you want! Authors have offered to let winning bidders name a character in an upcoming book (including Philip Pullman in the second of the Book of Dust trilogy!) They’ve also given their time and offered school visits, afternoon teas and boozy lunches! Agents offering query or manuscript critiques – there really is something for everyone!

I’m going to link to a few items that I think have a particular WOW factor!

A Photo Shoot by Rankin

The original Girl of Ink & Stars bound manuscript from Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Non Pratt’s Truth or Dare ideas notebook

Named character in Philip Pullman’s THE BOOK OF DUST Part Two

I’m going to spend some time this afternoon going through everything and putting in a couple of bids on a few things for this excellent cause. The image below will take you to the Authors for Grenfell Tower page, go take a look and even if you can’t afford to bid please share the page / tweet the hashtag!


4 thoughts on “Authors for Grenfell Tower

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    1. Sarah

      Thank you! It really was a shocking news to wake up to but people in the UK and abroad have been amazing in response to it. I’m just trying to do my little bit by sharing the fabulous work others have put in to make this auction happen, and the wonderful authors and agents who have donated amazing things

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