Sarah’s 2017 Round-Robin Sign Up!

So before my (not-so) mini hiatus I did a post about what a round robin would entail and a few of you said you’d be interested so I thought I would do a sign up post!

If you’re interested just comment below, drop me an email (, or tweet me!

Once I’ve got a sign up list I’ll need your address, which you can email or DM me, your address would only be shared with one other person.

My aim would be to have people select their book by the end of June and send it on the first week of July, with books then being shared on a monthly basis, the number of months this will go on for will depend on how many people are involved but you’ll end up with your book back now (hopefully) wonderfully full of comments from other book lovers!

I’m hoping this will introduce people to authors and genres they wouldn’t usually read!

If you’d like to take part leave a comment or drop me a message!

Please feel free to share this with other friends, people you’d think might like to be involved!


8 thoughts on “Sarah’s 2017 Round-Robin Sign Up!

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