I’m back!

So my week long hiatus while I got back on track with typing all my overdue reviews turned into a much longer break than I expected! It’s been a busy period for me, fortunately all good things but it just left me completely exhausted!

Since my last post I interviewed for a new role at work – maternity cover for a buyer’s role on the Equipping Team came up, it’s two pay grades higher than my specialist role and I never expected to get the job, I went into the interview thinking it was a safe opportunity to gain some experience interviewing for a more advanced job, it was still within my organisation, and my line manager was fully behind me going for it, we both assumed it would go to a member of staff who was already an assistant buyer on that team, to both of our surprises (and her horror) the next day I was offered the job, cue me sitting in a meeting room with the Equipping Team’s manager, trying to hide my shock and just say yes I’d take the job. Then came the arguments amongst the senior managers, they’d been so delayed in advertising the maternity cover, the person I’m covering had already started her maternity leave, and had the baby, so they wanted me in the role as soon as possible, my current boss wanted to keep hold of me just long enough to get a replacement in place, which was another internal move with a line manager who didn’t want to let their member of staff go either. Eventually it was agreed to a two week period before all the switching happened, made slightly more difficult that I had booked three of those ten working days off as my dad was coming to visited, which lead to several late nights in the office trying to get everything done and coming home, grabbing dinner and collapsing into bed!

I spent a wonderful weekend with friends in Dundee, lots of good food, a little alcohol and plenty of cuddles with my god-daughter and her little brother, before being taken out for an amazing dinner by my dad and his fiance, when they came up to Edinburgh to visit, a rather rainy day at the zoo, and a slightly damp dinner with a friend followed the next day by a lovely walk in the sun down to North Queensferry for brunch, Scotland is so beautiful in the sun! I’m a lucky girl.

And then today was the first day in my new role! Of course in true bureaucratic style it took until late this afternoon for IT to update my access to let me get into any of the files I need for the new job!

Anyway this was a rather rambly post to say I’m back, and will be posting properly again from tomorrow! Have a wonderful week everyone!

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