May TBR – Onto the next one, tonight’s bedtime reading

3 thoughts on “May TBR – Onto the next one, tonight’s bedtime reading

  1. ashleighmuses

    If you ever have an opportunity to go to an event with Ian do it! I was Daughter of the Year in 2016 as he was visiting professor at UEA and was doing loads of events so I bought tickets to all of them for my dad – he loved me very much, and got to bond with Ian over their youth in Cardenden! He’s a lovely guy & has many a funny story!

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    1. Sarah

      I actually met him back in 2009 or so. The Complaints had just come out and he did a talk at Dundee uni the year I was a freshers so I have a signed copy. Decided it was time to catch up on the earlier books I’d skipped. Though in my defence this one was published 6 months before I was born!

      Coincidentally I was on the Cardenden train this evening!

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      1. ashleighmuses

        Ahhh! I miss that wee village (though, it still baffles me that a village the size of Cardenden needs 3 bakers, 2 chip shops, no greengrocers, a bank which was only open 3 days a week, but a tesco express that’s better than some of the ones in bigger cities! Priorities yes?!) – that was completely off topic. But ho hum! 😛

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