The Sunday Post – 07/05/17

Evening all! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I missed my Sunday post last weekend as I was staying with friends and by the time we got back to the flat Sunday evening I was exhausted.

My week started with me enjoying a lie in on Bank Holiday Monday, then spending a couple of hours with a friend and her daughter before spending the last couple of hours of my weekend away with a friend having dinner and watching American Gods. My friend is a fantasy fan and spends plenty of time trying to convert me, I’m still not sure to be honest, the first episode was a bit weird, he warned me before it even started that there was one thing that really stuck in his mind from reading the book, and when we watched the episode it was pretty obvious which scene that was! I am now slightly invested so I know I’m going to have to keep watching each time a new episode appears on Amazon Prime. Is anyone else watching?

The working week was pretty standard no major dramas at work, although I am slightly dreading next week, I didn’t work a 5 day week all the way through April due to Easter, and annual leave so being in the office for the full 37 and a half hours might come as a bit of a shock!

On the blog this week:

On Monday I posted a round up of my bookish April. Talking about my bookish posts and rounding up my reading challenge progress.

On Tuesday I shared a teaser from Lies by T.M. Logan, and posted my May TBR.

On Wednesday I took part in WWW Wednesday and posted my slightly delayed response to Rae’s This or That which was asking if we prefer to read mystery/thrillers or fantasty/science fiction.

On Thursday I shared a bookish quote from Jorge Luis Borges

Today I shared my review for Let The Dead Speak by Jane Casey

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead. Please share your favourite posts from the week in the comments below – They can be your own posts or something you’ve read somewhere else!


5 thoughts on “The Sunday Post – 07/05/17

    1. Sarah

      It’s on Amazon Prime, it started last week, I think it’s a mini series of about 8 episodes. We were actually a bit surprised at how graphic some of the fight scenes are before that. The opening scenes were particularly bloody


      1. AvalinahsBooks

        Ah, I thought it would be.. stuff related to his wife. Well, not to spoil 😀 hmm, fight scenes does not sound like something for me. Yeah, the book was pretty detailed about it as well. But reading is not the same as watching…

        Liked by 1 person

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