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A little while ago Bex from My Shelf and Myself tagged me in the My Life in Books Tag. I loved reading Bex’s answers so I hope you’ll enjoy mine too!

A book for each letter of your name

SThe Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman. I adore His Dark Materials and this is the second in the trilogy.

AThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I’m not sure if this was the first collection of Sherlock stories I read but from a young teenager I really enjoyed this sort of book, I also had some detective stories by Edgar Allan Poe

RRivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. Great first book in the series, I highly recommend the audibook

A – The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen. This was the second in the series, and the TV show Rizzoli & Isles is based on it.

H – The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. As if an H could lead to anything else! I grew up with the Golden Trio


I genuinely struggled to come up with two ‘A’ books! – Goes to show how many of the big A books I’ve not actually read, AtonementAnne of Green Gables, The Adventures of Tom Saywer… I’ve not even read The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland

Age – count along your bookshelf

Book - The Skeleton RoadThe Skeleton Road by Val McDermid.

I love Val McDermid’s work in general but her Inspector Karen Pirie series is my favourite. Karen in a a detective inspector in a cold case unit in Scotland. I love a book set somewhere I know and the follow up to this one involved a car chase through my university city, I loved the fact I could picture the exact route the car took, including the circle the car crashed at! The Skeleton Road combines the mystery of a skelton found in a long abandoned building with some political drama as connections to the Crotiatian Miltary and possible war crimes are uncovered. This was a holiday read for me, and one that didn’t take me long to get through

A book that represents a destination you would love to travel to?

This one was difficult, I always wanted to go to NYC but I went with my mum a couple of years ago. I’m lucky enough that my father’s side of the family originally come from Barbados so I’ve visited several time – My go to tropical island destination is ticked off. So I don’t have any places I’m absolutely dying to visit – Until this year I quite wanted to visit some other places on the East Coast of the US – Washington, Boston etc but I think I might delay that trip for a few years now. So I guess maybe I’d head in the opposite direction and visit somewhere like New Zealand or Australia – So for this I’ve picked Sydney as I think I’d quite like to do the Harbour Bridge walk.

I must admit to having not read that much Australian fiction, either it’s not so published in the UK or I’ve never realised the author is Australian… However I did a quick search on Google for books set in Sydney and Goodreads came up trumps. So I’m going to pick Malicious Intent by Kathryn Fox which sounds like just my sort of book.

Dr Anya Crichton, a pathologist and forensic physician, is asked to look into the suicide of a teenager. She notices similarities between the girl’s death and several other cases she is working on with her friend and colleague, Detective Sergeant Kate Farrer. As she delves deeper, the pathological findings point to the frightening possibility.

Favourite colour?

My favourite colour is blue so I’ve selected a range of blue books currently sitting on my Goodreads TBR

Most difficult to read

Probably The Color Purple it’s a book that deals with a lot of difficult topics, racism, sexism and abuse. It’s also quite difficult to read as it’s written as a series of letters from an uneducated girl called Celie who writes as she would speak. I read it when I was about 15 and it was definitely a worthwhile read, but it was a bit of a slog.

Which book in your TBR will you get the

most satisfaction from reading?

Well The Cuckoo’s Calling has been unfinished since March 2014 when I apparently updated Goodreads but then got annoyed with reading on my iPad and stopped reading it. I’m reading much more on my iPad again now though and actually have the hardback sitting on my table after I borrowed it from the library so I hope to get that finished in the next couple of weeks.

I hope you all enjoyed this tag – I had a lot of fun doing it!

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