The Sunday Post – 23/04/17

Afternoon everyone! I hope you’ve all having a lovely weekend! As usual I’m linking up with The Sunday Post at The Caffeinated Book Reviewer

My week started with the day off on Monday finishing up the book I was reading for the SundayYAthon. Tuesday was a little more interesting, turned up at the office at 8:30 to discover everyone stuck outside as security hadn’t arrived to open the building. The gates to the car park were also still locked and it caused complete chaos. We have flexible working, so people can work any time between 7am and 7pm, and parking is limited so those that drive tend to arrive early, which meant there were two car parks worth of cars stuck out on the roads and some people had been there since before 7am. In the end we had the fire brigade out to cut through the chain and get the cars into the main car park, and the police arrive to direct traffic, which by this point was queued right back onto the motorway. Eventually a little after 9:30 we managed to get into the building – So if any of you reading this are in Edinburgh and you got stuck in horrific traffic around South Gyle Tuesday morning that was us, sorry! The rest of the week went by fairly quickly and without further drama. Yesterday I finished up reading The State Of Grace which was wonderful, and got my spare room ready as my mum is arriving for a visit tomorrow, I’m really looking forward to it, as I’ve not seen her since before Christmas!

On the blog this week:

On Monday I took part in Rae’s This or That meme – This week’s question was about how you decide which books you buy in a bookshop.

On Tuesday I shared a teaser from Unconventional by Maggie Harcourt.

On Wednesday I posted my thoughts on He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly and took part in WWW Wednesday

On Thursday I shared my round-up post for this Easter’s SaundayYAthon

On Saturday I posted a discussion post about keeping your TBR in check.

Today I shared my review for Unconventional by Maggie Harcourt

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead. Please share your favourite posts from the week in the comments below – They can be your own posts or something you’ve read somewhere else!


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