The Sunday Post – 16/04/17

First off Happy Easter! I didn’t do a Sunday Post last week as I was exhausted and I thought posting it on Monday wouldn’t make much sense. This week was a busy one! It’s the second week of the Easter Holidays for the schools here in Scotland so my boss took it off to spend time with her kids, luckily nothing overly dramatic happened and despite it being a short week I actually managed to get a lot done. Yay for productivity and to do lists!

Now I’m just over halfway through the wonderful 4 day weekend, I spent Friday faffing about and doing I don’t know what, before finally picking up the first book on my SundayYAthon TBR. I finished Unconventional Saturday morning, caught up on some TV and started the second book on my TBR last night. Today I had a lie in, and read some more in bed. This afternoon I’ve been doing some updates on the blog, tidying up my categories and tags and finally getting round to updating all the links on the menus – I really should do this weekly, that way it wouldn’t take so long when I finally get around to it.

On the blog this week:

It’s been a quiet week this week.

On Tuesday I posted a teaser from Stargazing for Beginners 

On Wednesday I gave my weekly update on what I’ve been reading

On Thursday I posted a quote from Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey and shared my TBR for this weekend’s SundayYAthon

On Friday I finally finished and posted The Book Blogger Insider tag that Swetlana tagged me in way too long ago

On Saturday I posted a discussion about YA fiction and if it gets the respect it deserves.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend – especially if like me you’re lucky enough to have a 4 day one! Feel free to share any of your favourite posts from the past week in the comments!


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