My Guilty Pleasures

Morning all!

Claire over at ThatMummaRocks did a post revealing her guilty pleasures. I loved reading them and have to admit to sharing a few so I thought I’d do a post of my own!

So without further ado my guilty pleasures….


The First Wives Club – A mid 90’s film about 3 middle-aged woman who have all been left by their husbands for a younger woman and their revenge. I was only 8 when this was first released but watching this certainly makes me glad that fashion moved on pretty quickly! The film probably hasn’t aged that well, well the 90’s haven’t aged that well, the importance of friendships will always be relevant. I must admit to me and my friends attempting the You Don’t Own Me dance from the final scene after a glass of wine or two.

Bad Boys II – Does this count as a guilty pleasure? It’s certainly not Oscar nomination material but it’s got car chases, explosions and fight scenes, everything I look for in an escapism film. I also find parts of it hilariously funny. even bits I probably shouldn’t.


S Club 7 – Pretty much everyone but me has a really cool story about the first record/CD they ever bought. Well for me it’s S Club 7, I remember being so proud walking into Woolworths and picking up the tape of their first single Bring It All Back and spending some of my pocket-money on it. God that makes me sound old! Woolworths! A cassette tape! That said I also ended up getting S Club the album on CD because after all there ain’t no party like an S Club party! Although judging by the amount of people who turned up to watch Bradley and some of the guys from 5ive perform at my freshers week I’m not the only one to have this little secret.

Show tunes – Growing up I was never a big fan of musicals but I have to admit they’ve grown on me and if you were to spy on me it’s quite likely you’d spot me doing something dull like the washing up while belting out a show tune or two. Hamilton might have made musicals cool – and you will often find me singing Satisfied you’ll also find me with some songs which perhaps aren’t considered as cool – Take Me or Leave Me from Rent, Rainbow High from Evita, I’m all over it!

80’s Music – I was born in 87 so I don’t remember it the first time round but if someone puts on a bit of Spandau Ballet or classic Bon Jovi and I’ll be singing along to Gold with the best of them. So cheesy but I love it!

TV Shows

The Real Housewives of… – I watch a few of these, mainly New Jersey & Beverley Hills, along with the spin-off Vanderpump Rules. It’s so cheesy but I love curling up on the sofa after a long day at work with a glass of wine and catching up on the dramas in these women’s lives. How the other half live!

Judge Rinder – For me this was a natural progression from watching the occasional episode of Judge Judy. I adore Judge Rinder, he’s hilarious! I can’t believe people actually agree to go on it though, so many of the cases are just so silly, but you do get the occasional one which is actually quite sad.

I also enjoy the following;

  • Children’s cereal – Frosties and Coco Pops are far better than the boring stuff grown ups are meant to eat
  • Board games – Does this count as a guilty pleasure? A Saturday night in with my friends these days will usually consist of dinner, prosecco and board games – It gets kinda competitive but I love it
  • Fruit gums – especially the green ones, but don’t put a packet of fruit pastilles anyway near me eww.
  • Reading fanfic – Harry Potter in particular


  • I have a weird crush on Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds

Now I’ve shared some of my guilty pleasures with you feel free to share yours in the comments!


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