Monthly Round-Up – March

That’s us a quarter of the way through 2017 already! Crazy! I’m writing this a little early and scheduling it to post on the first as I’m going to be staying with a friend for a few days and I really can’t be bother to cart my laptop up to his. Lazy I know! Here’s what I’ve been up to on the blog during March.

Books Purchased

None! I’m not sure if I should be sad or proud about this. I’ve got ARCs beginning to stack up as when it comes to NetGalley at the moment I’m like a magpie spotting something shiny

Books Received

This month I received several books via Bookbridgr, and I won a signed copy of Deadly Game through a Twitter giveaway.

March Books

I also requested and was approved for more books on NetGalley than is good for me.

Books Reviewed

This month I’ve posted the following reviews – Click on any of the titles

  1. Heartless by Marissa Meyer
  2. The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher
  3. Beware That Girl by Teresa Toten
  4. Everything But The Truth by Gillian McAllister
  5. Don’t Stop Me Now by Colleen Coleman
  6. The Lost Children by Helen Phifer
  7. How To Mend A Broken Heart by Anna Mansell
  8. The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel
  9. In The Eyes Of An Angel by Kimberly Livingston
  10. Lessons In Falling by Diana Gallagher

Discussions Started

For the Book Blog Discussion challenge I’ve started the following discussions – Click through and join in!

  1. Assigned Reading – What did you have to read for class? Did you discover a favourite book or was there one you really didn’t like?
  2. International Books – Do publishers in the UK show enough love to international books? What can we as the blogging community do to help?
  3. Beautiful Books – I talked about my weakness for beautiful books, come and share some of your favourites
  4. Dinner Party Guest List – I listed the 10 authors and characters I would love to invite to a dinner party. Come and share your guest list!

Challenge Progress

I’m also keeping track of all my reading challenges – The numbers won’t quite match the reviews on the blog as I’m behind in my reviewing – Ooops

Goodreads Challenge: 30/50

I’m happy with how this one is going, already upped by challenge number and I’m well ahead so I think I’ll up it again

British Books Challenge 2017: 12/12

I’ve hit my target yay! Admittedly it was the lowest option going but I’ll have to have a think about what I’m going to aim for now

2017 Cloak and Dagger Challenge: 15/15

Again I went for a low target so I’m going to have to rethink it. That said I’m actually surprised that out of the 30 books I’ve read only half have been crime fiction and thrillers, I suppose this means I’m widening my reading which is good, and I’ve picked up some fantastic YA books that have been recommended

2017 New Release Challenge: 22/30

Thanks to NetGalley I’ve been managing to get my hands on a lot of fantastic new books

2017 New To Me Challenge: 25/12

So I’ve already smashed this one. Again thanks to NetGalley I’ve got my hands on a lot of fantastic books – and I’ve got some great recomendations from everyone elses reviews

2017 Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge: 21/25

This is great, unfortunately I keep requesting more so I’m not really helping my NetGalley TBR

2017 Book Blog Discussion Challenge Posts: 12

I’ve managed to post one a week since I started. I’m not sure if this will continue but I’m happy with what I’ve managed. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment or message me!

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