This or That – 27/03/2017

This or That is a meme hosted by Rae at Bookmark Chronicles.

This week’s question…

Have you ever ordered a book subscription box? If so, which one and would you recommend it?

(Even if it was just one time, it counts)

I’ve never ordered a book subscription box but having seen some I’ve certainly been tempted so I thought I’d take the opportunity that this post provided to have a look and see what’s out there – though I suspect those shipping to the UK (at least without being prohibitively expensive) are less common.

So I did a quick google and here’s what I found

UK Boxes

A Book And A Brew – You get a lovely hardback book and some tea – a perfect combination! A one-off box costs £14.99 or if sign up for the monthly subscription it’s only £12.99. They also ship to most of the EU

Illumicrate – This is a quarterly box which comes with a newly released book and some bookish treats that might include stationery, bookmarks and jewellery. It’s £29.99 per box but if you’re in the UK that includes the cost of shipping.

FairyLoot – A monthly fantasy focused YA subscription box. I’ve heard a lot about this one and their previous boxes look really fun. I also really like the idea of the unique hashtag they include which links you up with just one other person who’s also received the box – a perfect way to find a new bookish friend! You can subscribe for £26 a month, including shipping if you’re in the UK. You can also purchase a one-off box for the same cost, however there’s the risk that they might sell out before you get to it.

Book Box Club – Another monthly YA subscription box, you’ll get a book, 2-4 goodies and an invitation to their online book club for discussion. You can’t buy a one-off box, but you can cancel your subscription as soon as your first payment has been processed. Boxes are £27.99 each including P&P within the UK, but if you can afford to prepay their 3 or 6 month plans work out slightly cheaper. Recent boxes have included All About Mia, Ink, and Bone Gap – Goodies have included candles, mugs and jewellery.

Ninja Book Box – This is a quarterly box that contains a book from an independent publisher which could be from across a number of genres. Each quarter has a theme, and you’ll receive a book and a couple of extra bits and pieces. They have some one-off boxes available or you can subscribe. A recurring subscription will cost you £28 a quarter and includes postage. I love the fact they seem to be really flexible, you can ask them to let you know which book is being included if you’re worried you might already have it, or if you don’t like the sound of the upcoming theme you can ask them to suspend your subscription for that quarter.

International Boxes

Owlcrate – This is a fairly well-known monthly YA subscription box – the previous boxes look great, each box is themed and contains a book along with 3-5 bookish things. A monthly plan costs $29.99, it works out slightly cheaper to purchase a 3 or 6 month plan but you’ll have to be able to pay it all up front. Owlcrate ships internationally but if you’re outside the US or Canada expect to pay an additional $19.99 per box. They also have an Owlcrate Jr box aimed at people 8-12.

Quarterly – Quarterly as the name might suggest is a quarterly subscription service – they offer a general fiction or a YA box. Each book is curated by an author with a book due for publication and the box contains their book, plus at least two others that they’ve picked. It also contains notes from the author and other bookish goodies. Each box costs $49 dollars, which I don’t think is too bad for a quarterly box, after a little exploration I discovered that they do ship to the UK, unfortunately this is an additional $30 per box.

The Bookish Box – This looks really interesting and there’s a range of options, you can choose if you want just the bookish goodies, to include the book as well, and there’s even an option for a t-shirt. Photos of previous boxes show some gorgeous goodies including mugs and tote bags. They do ship worldwide unfortunately their April crate is sold out and I can’t see their box and shipping fees.

Uppercase – Uppercase is a monthly subscription that focuses on YA. It looks really good, you get a hardback book which is often either signed by the author, or accompanied by a signed book-plate. You get two options the Expert at $23 a month (plus $6.50 shipping) or Book Exclusive which is $17 a month plus shipping. You get some extra bookish gifts with the expert plan. Unfortunately they only ship to the US and Canada (and you’ll need to pay nearly $23 if you’re in Canada).

As I suspected the US-based boxes are really out of reach for me, especially on any sort of semi-regular basis due to the shipping charges. I was pleasantly surprised to discover more UK-based boxes than I expected – I probably still wouldn’t get any on a monthly basis, I’m not sure I could justify it in my current budget but I’d definitely like to try out a few, in fact over the next year I’ll probably look to get one box from each of the UK boxes I’ve listed above. Thanks to Beth over at Bibliobeth for naming a couple of them on last week’s This or That post.

Do you subscribe to any of the above boxes? Do you subscribe to a box I’ve not listed? If so let me know about it!


7 thoughts on “This or That – 27/03/2017

  1. The Scottish Librarian

    Being from the UK this is super helpful to see what we have on offer. I just find that approximately £30 for a book and some knickknacks is way too much as I’d unlikely use half the knickknacks.

    You actually almost had me sold on Book and Brew because £12.99 is a reasonable price for a hardback and some premium tea, but having a look through past titles I don’t think it would commonly work in my favour. Pity there isn’t a Fantasy/Sci Fi specific subscription box that follows a similar price range etc.

    Thanks for the informative post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah

      Glad you enjoyed it! This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list and I came across a few others, I just didn’t want it to get too long!

      Prudence and the Crow is £15 a month for a vintage paperback, a book bag and some other bits. Sci-fi is an option and it looks as though you fill out a questionnaire, so it seems a pretty bespoke service.

      Or The Willoughby Book Club might also be an option, less additional items, and you have to pay upfront for a set period but it’s not too expensive (about £35 for 3 months including postage) and they ask for your favourite genres so it’s another slightly more bespoke offering.It even looks like they’ll send you a different book if you’ve already got the one they sent you!

      Liked by 1 person

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