This or That – 20/03/2017

This or That is a meme hosted by Rae at Bookmark Chronicles.

This week’s question…

Where do you get most of your books from?

Physical bookstores – Online – Secondhand book sales – Gifts – Book subscription boxes

(Can only give one answer!)

So I actually did a discussion post on sourcing books a while ago, it was a little more general though, and was about getting hold of books to read in general rather than own specifically.

So where do I get most of my books from? Online is probably the most accurate answer, although if I spot a bargain when I’m doing a weekly shop in Tesco I might pick up a book – Since I started blogging I’ve found myself reading a lot more eBooks. Primarily this is due to the wonder that is NetGalley, but I’ve also picked up a few bargains from Amazon – Technically I’ve not bought any of my NetGalley reads so I don’t really own them, I don’t really count my eBooks as being owned either, if I can’t see them on my shelf they don’t count. However I do order the odd physical book from Amazon, I’ve also been making use of Waterstones Click & Collect facility, so while I’ll pop into a physical store to pick it up I only pay the online price for it – This has positives and negatives. Positives: You only pay when you pick it up, and you’ll pay whatever is the cheapest between the in-store and online price. Negatives: You can only order one book at a time, you can put through multiple orders, but if you want to pick up more than one book it can be a bit time consuming. The other downside is that online they tend to have lower prices but not the multi-buy offers that they have in-store, I’ve not yet managed to pick two books that happened to be on a multi-buy offer in store so I’m not sure if you’d benefit from that if it worked out cheaper than the two books at online pricing…

I’ve often wondered about book subscription boxes, I like the idea of subscription boxes, I’ve used a couple of food based ones in the past, Hello Fresh and Graze, and I’m so tempted by the monthly craft gin box you can get. If anyone has any suggestions for a good book subscription box that is available in the UK please let me know!

Where do you get most of your books from? Feel free to share any recommendations for subscription boxes!


14 thoughts on “This or That – 20/03/2017

  1. Stormi D Johnson

    Besides Netgalley or Edelweiss I get most of my books from watching my wishlist for bargains on Amazon. If I have the extra money then I might go to and get some paperbacks cheap that way, but mostly it’s ebooks online. I have been known to get some books at antique shops when I see a cool older book. 🙂

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    1. Sarah

      In the UK we have which I think is kinda similar to bookoutlet. I find its not one I’d necessarily use if I’m after a specific book but it’s great for looking for presents etc. I got my friends little boy the box set of all the original Thomas the Tank books for about £20 (and managed to pick up a collection of 10 Rebus paperbacks for £13)


  2. Unbalanced Woman

    I developed a weird brain condition that means I get crazy tired if I read too much at once (blogs are my short reading fix!). So for proper book reading, I get audio books. Almost all from Audible. I absolutely love them. At first it felt like cheating, but I got over it, and now after nearly 2 years, I recommend audio books to everyone. They are so great for listening while I walk back from the school run or on the train if I have to stand up. You can get versions on Kindle where you can switch between reading and narration. Very clever!

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    1. Sarah

      I do love Audible! My only problem with audiobooks is the way the narrator can make or break the book.

      There’s a couple of series I’ve picked up on Audible and loved, and I’ve no doubt the narrator was a huge factor in that. Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch was recommended to me, and the first in the Inspector McLean series by James Oswald, I think I picked up during one of their buy one get one free promotions – both are so well read, if you’re at all into crime with a hint of the supernatural, I’d highly recommend either of them. On the other hand I downloaded a Kathy Reichs book, and despite having collected most of her books in paperback over the years and knowing I enjoy them, I just couldn’t finish it, the voice and my ears just didn’t get on lol.

      I’m currently making my way through the recently released Sherlock collection that Stephen Fry narrates. It’s all the novels and short stories so it’s over 70 hours, I’ve read all the stories before though so I’m just dipping in and out when I feel like a break from eBooks

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        1. Sarah

          Oh I might have to DL that. I must confess I’ve not seen the film yet, which for a big HP fan is shocking, but I couldn’t find a friend’s child to borrow and I really hate going to the cinema by myself! I think the DVD is out now, or close to release, so I’ll have to get it.

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          1. Unbalanced Woman

            Ha ha funny. Actually I see going to the cinema alone as a massive treat. When I was single that was a regular Sunday afternoon activity. I would go into Edinburgh with a book and sit in a coffee shop reading on my own and then go to see a film on my own. It was my ‘I am doing exactly what I want to do’ liberating feeling. So now, as a busy mum, it feels like a massive indulgence and a real luxury!

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            1. Sarah

              I can totally imagine that. I do quite like sitting in a coffee shop with a book. I’m on annual leave this week so off to Dundee at the end of the week to borrow my goddaughter to watch Beauty & The Beast.

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  5. bibliobeth

    Hiya! I get two book subscription boxes, Book And A Brew which is sent out monthly and great if you like tea and Ninja Book Box which is quarterly and has gifts as well as a book!


  6. Anthony

    I am one of those old-fashioned people who goes to the library. A lack of space started this habit years ago and now it continues. Of course, now I make use of the e-book part of the library and the order from other branches service. I read about 50 books a year, so I feel ahead of the game.


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