This or That – 06/03/2017

This or That is a meme hosted by Rae at Bookmark Chronicles.

This weeks question…

Do you reread books often?

(By often, I mean are there multiple books that you have read more than twice)

There are a few books that I reread but honestly I don’t reread my books that often. If I were to stop and think about it I should probably feel a little bit guilty about the 100s of books sitting on shelves and in boxes back at my mum’s house that if I were to add up I’ve probably spent thousands of pounds on and will never read again.

I think part of my problem is I have a ridiculous memory for the slightly less important things in life such as remembering plot points in minute detail, which for some things is fine but when a huge chunk of my reading is crime fiction and thriller type things remembering who done it takes away most of the reason for reading it in the first place.

Book - His Dark MaterialsThat said there are certain books I would, and do, reread even though I do know how they end. These tend to me books that had a particular impact on me in my younger days, things like the Harry Potter series and the His Dark Materials Trilogy – which I really need to re-read again soon now Philip Pullman has officially announced his new related trilogy.

To Kill A Mockingbird is also a book that was important to me in my teenage years and I reread, I’ve got several different versions of it. On a side note I’ve not read Go Set A Watchman, I’m a little concerned that if I don’t like it it would ruin To Kill A Mockingbird for me – so if you’ve read it let me know what you thought!

There’s also a few classics that I reread every now and then, things like Pride & Prejudice and Great Expectations – I guess the fact they’re considered classics suggests that there’s some longevity in there.

Are you a big rereader or is once enough for you? Are there any particular genres you tend to reread – or avoid reading again? Are any of your books getting close to falling apart because you’ve reread them that often? Let me know below!


10 thoughts on “This or That – 06/03/2017

    1. Sarah

      I think I’m in agreement. My friend’s brother was disappointed. I think sometimes something has that much of an impact on you it’s not worth risking the magic on something else

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  1. FictionFan

    I tried to read Go Set a Watchman but the magic just wasn’t there for me. I abandoned it fairly early on, so it didn’t spoil Mockingbird, but I’d be scared it would if I ever read further…


    1. Sarah

      This is my thoughts on it. My friend’s brother read it and was disappointed. I’ve not really spoken to him about why in detail but it was enough to put me off it until someone convinces me otherwise

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  2. Stormi D Johnson

    I don’t really like to reread as I have too many new books to read. 🙂 I have reread my favorite Jane Austen books and I started listening to Harry Potter so it’s a different format since I read them (basically cause it has a favorite narrator doing the narrating…lol), but that is about it.


    1. Sarah

      Is it the Stephen Fry version? I’m tempted to get the complete Sherlock Holmes collection on audiobook as he’s just recorded them. I’ve already got the complete collection in paperback but ah well…

      I think most of the books I tend to reread are kind of like a comfort blanket. All books that are linked to good memories for me


  3. Swetlana

    I do sometimes re-read books, but I don’t think I’ve read a book more than twice. Apart from one book that my godmother once gave to me years and years ago, that one I read until it was falling apart!

    Right now, I can’t even remember if I ever finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird. I know we had to read it for my English class one semester, but I can’t for the life of me remember if I ever finished it. That one might actually be a good book to pick up and re-read/finish!


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