This or That – 20/02/2017

This or That is a meme hosted by Rae at Bookmark Chronicles.

This weeks question…

Do you have a favourite book that is nonfiction?

I’m not a big reader of non fiction, I often feel I should read more but 4 years of psychology and politics textbooks has put me off doing much heavy reading for now, so no great compilations of deep and meaningful essays for me at the moment. If I do pick up a non fiction book it’ll probably be something light and full of random facts. They tend to stick in my head, makes me great for pub quizzes!

I love QI and I’ve got 3 or 4 of their books, also a regular listener of No Such Thing As A Fish, which is a random fact podcast by the QI Elves. Mail Obsession was first mentioned on that podcast and has a random fact for each postcode area of the UK, Mark also has a couple of other books I’d like to pick up at some point.

Are you a big non fiction reader? What books would you recommend? Let me know below!


4 thoughts on “This or That – 20/02/2017

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