The Sunday Post – 19/2/17

This week has been a complete write off reading and blogging wise. My boss took the week off to spend time with her kids who were on half term, normally it’s only me and her looking after our contracts so I was on my own and there was a lot going on this week. By the time I got in from work I wanted to do nothing more than eat dinner and curl up in bed, so no blogging and no reading. I’ve recharged a bit this weekend and my boss is back in the office tomorrow so I’m hoping for a much better week.

I’ve already got three reviews written and scheduled for the week coming so look out for my thoughts on Written In Bones by James Oswald, Ragdoll by Daniel Cole and The Fifth Letter by Nicola Moriarty. I’m also planning on getting back with my regular posts during the week.

On the blog this week:


Book Review – Blink by K L Slater


Discussion Post – Picking Up After A Bad Blogging Week / The Book Fest Awards

I hope everyone has a fantastic week ahead. Let me know what you’ve got planned in the comments below!


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