Professional Development aka 3 Hours of Boredom

Today was a day of professional development, I went and sat the first exam for my level 4 CIPS course. Now I know that completing this course is important for career progression, but as much as I enjoy my day to day job, the theory of procurement is enough to put anyone to sleep. I wrote a little over 11 pages – handwritten! Who knew they were still making you hand write exams, I thought in the few years since I finished my degree they might have moved on. Clearly not!

So to cheer myself up after 3 hours of writing, and really bad cramp in my hand, I treated myself to a trip into Edinburgh, lunch from Patisserie Valerie, and a walk up into the Old Town to sign up at the Central Library – More books for the weekend! I also saw this

brilliant sign which made me smile, and picked up a piece of cake for an evening treat. So now I’m off to read and eat!

I’ll be posting more reviews in the next few days.


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