Lazy Saturday Mornings

I absolutely love a lazy Saturday morning where I have nothing to do. I think having worked in retail from the age of 14, starting working Sunday afternoons at the local corner shop, and ending up working at a customer service centre for a major retailer where I worked every Sunday and 2 out of 3 Saturdays, I really appreciated getting my weekends back when I moved into a Monday – Friday job.

So far this morning I have finished my latest book – The Swedish Girl, well I finished it before I went to bed but that was after midnight so that counts right? Expect a review later.

I spent an hour or two catching up on a few podcasts that were released yesterday

  • Simon Mayo’s Confessions Podcast. Back when I was little Simon Mayo used to host The Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 1, and had a feature where people could anonymously write in and confess to their “crimes”. Now a feature on his BBC Radio 2 Drivetime show the week’s confessions are handily combined and available on the podcast which is released Friday afternoons. As it’s listeners’ tales I find some weeks are better than others but I usually get a chuckle and quite often cringe as you guess what’s coming to be proved right
  • Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4. This podcast rotates through the Friday Night Comedy series from BBC Radio 4, Dead Ringers, The Now Show and The News Quiz. This week was the start of the latest series of The News Quiz which is my favourite of the 3. Miles Jupp took over from Sandi Toksvig a year or so ago, and he’s quite good as the chair, if anyone likes Have I Got News For You I’d recommend giving it a try.
  • There’s No Such Thing As A Fish. Speaking of Sandi Toksvig this last podcast comes from four of the elves (researchers) from QI. The show usually consists of Dan, James, Andy and Anna talking about their favourite 4 facts of the week. Expect something completely random but usually incredibly funny, definitely the podcast I look forward to most each week. They’ve also filmed two series of their TV show There’s No Such Thing As The News in which they chat about their favourite news stories of the week. It’s no longer available on BBC iPlayer but you can watch full episodes or clips on their YouTube page.

I’ve also drunk far too much coffee and I’m trying to decide what to read next after starting the year with two crime fiction books of the year while putting off doing the boring grown up things I need to do like my washing and ironing.

So what’s everyone elses favourite things to do on a lazy Saturday morning? Or whenever you get to have a lazy morning, my last retail job it was always a Wednesday I had off, so Wednesday mornings were my lazy times.


3 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday Mornings

  1. Unbalanced Woman

    I really must try to remember about Podcasts. I tend to listen to Audiobooks so Podcasts are a good way to get a quick fix of something too. Only ones I’ve listened to recently are Handbags at Dawn when they’ve interviewed someone I already like. I need to widen my scope.


    1. Sarah

      I’ve got maybe 5 or 6 I’ve subscribed to and listen to most weeks, a few of them are just the podcasts of radio shows I don’t get the chance to listen to live but I quite want to try and find some bookish podcasts or something a bit different to get into.

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